Sunday, February 20, 2011

I want to.

I want to forget him. I mean, the feelings I have for him. It's painful for me nowadays, actually. We are not like this before. But then again, there's no us. We're just in a pseudo relationship. Who am I to tell him, "Hey. What's happening? Is there something wrong between us?". I just miss him. I dont wanna lose him. Lord, please help. :( Please help me realize that there is no really us. Haaay.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's my birthday! Yep! I'm happy. Tears of joy actually. This is the reason why I cried:

anak ko 15 years old ka na... really time flies so fast, parang kelan lang ur my baby girl, ur our cute ate.anak im too much proud and happy to have you.i want to say thank you anak for everything... i know things are difficult for us. u dont know how greatful i am to have u as my daughter.thank you for taking care of ur sis and bro...sorry im not there for u... love u anak ko ... continue to be good girl always ... love u ate ... i miss u HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATE GASEL

- my mom
It's been 5 years since she left us and went to Dubai for work. 5 years not spending my birthday with her.