Tuesday, August 10, 2010


If there is something one cannot for without,it is mother. Father loves her, daughter imitates her, son waiting for her caress, salesmen thrive on her,motorists hurry around her, teacher phone her and woman next door confides her.

She can be sweeter than a sugar, more sour than a lemon,all smiles and crying her heart out-all within any given any two-minute period.

She likes having a conversation with her daughters, especially if it is about as secrets, having her birthday remembered, praying and church, father's praise,fashion and making her daughter a princess wanna be, shopping on Sundays, one whole day in bed, Farmtown, Sunny days.

She dislikes doing the dishes, Father's eyes to girls, having her birthday forgotten, parents sermon, rainy days, and the neighbor's dog.

She can be found standing by, bending over, reaching for, kneeling under and stretching around, rarely sitting on.

She has the beauty of a spring day, the patience of a saint, the appetite of a small bird and the memory of a gigantic elephant.

She knows the lowest prices, everybody's birthday, what you should be doing, and all your secret thoughts.

She is always straightening up after, reminding you to, and taking care of but never asking for.

Yes, a mother is a one thing that nobody can do without. And when you have harassed her, buffed her about, tried her patience, make her jealous, and worn her out, and it seems that the end of the world is about to descend upon you, then you can win her back with four little words, but does mean big.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Last Finger is her name

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2008- Freshmen.
We,little gals sitting on our seats, chitchatting while eating. Those innocent minds of ours, discussing our past lives. Trying to know more about each of tip of our life. Your here, Im there. Im here, your here. We have all the fun, all the pressures. Getting nervous that one of us might not pass our quizzes, and might kicked out in our school. Haha :D Small things were the causes of our small fights, that can be resolved after two to three days. There you thought, I'd already found my someone. We are just crazy gals, eventually minding the present and reality.

2009 - Sophomores.
Immaturity. Presently, prevails in our minds. What happened these days? This is the year where we made a lot of examinations about our friendships. Jealousy. Harsh words. Reasons of unknown, and sometimes we just like it. But still, how great we are passing them though. Building a stronger friendship, realizing the faults of each ego. Haha, and Yes. More craziness, but a little bit pressures. We knew each other better, making each one important and special. Learning to make friend with others, loving the way we are. Our friendship is like a locket, that will really not be complete if the other one is broken or lost. How I wish, until our heart subside through our difficulties in life, we will always be like this.

I love you Kapid!

2010 - Juniors.
We just woke up from reality. For three years, were still the one. One and the same. Loving and cherishing the moments we were together. The pressures we have in our Chemistry, is like Uggh. Realizing the connections we used to do with ourselves that are connected with each and other. haha, funny huh? Even though, it's a li'l bit fact. Nobody's perfect, we still have our mistakes. And for the first time, you learned to know your wrongs and limitations. I just love the fact that were still the same. So, yes. Let us do this!

So to you, PINKY ROSE PAMPLONA CELO my love and loyalty is all I can grant you. You've been a great friend to me, for three years. For all the difficulties and problems, I've experienced your still there trying to comfort me in your own way and of course, vice versa. We may have lots of fights, but I do cherish it. We are learning something for every fought we had.Being with you a day, is a great time God always give me. Were not perfect, but I still wish that we will be a great friend until we get old.

I pinky promise, I'll be here and be at your side in all the times you need my presence. I'll be your Kapid, as long as I breathe and as long as I exist. You mean BIG to me my little bestfriend.

I love you, and Thank you for being YOU.

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