Sunday, July 25, 2010


This is an unusual website, so im free to post whatever i like, whatever i say. :)

I am a juvenile for now. And as most teens commonly addicted to: LOVE, i have a different case. Im inlove with a guy who is 8 years older than me. (And as a matter of fact, I didn't even care. I realized, lage doesn't matter.hihi). Well, when someone is falling inlove, you cant blame her. Blame that cupid.

My Clown. He's finding a way to make me smile. A smile from his face, can make my heart beat like a drum, also make my lips stretch. He has a comedian factor. The laughs I had with him, will always be cherished.

The Poet. Hahaha:DD This one, I am not sure about. He's the guy who has the idea of never ending. He may be "Corny". But all of that corny punchlines, he posted and even said to me made me think. "Is it really me? Wow!" I just cant imagine how inspired he is, that I can gave his thoughts just like that. Wew. That made my heart sounds like a lub-dub-lub-dub.

My Big Brother. He gave me advices. He gave me his comforting shoulder for me to sleep. He has limitations. He knew whats right and wrong. He's really mature now. Now, I wonder. How come he fell for a really immature gal?

But, for my age, I still dont know how could I let him feel what I feel for him. If only, my parents could accept the fact. When Im already in college and he's still there for me. I've met the unique one.

Now, YOU.. You made me fall for you. Your always on my mind like a chocolate. Hope thats true. Hope it will not change, You promised. I will be your princess right? Dont over change. Dont. Just wait, Im just testing your patience. Wait, for my right time.

Wait for me to say I miss you. Wait for me to reply, I love you too. <3
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